Kraken is an impactful brand in spearfishing and freediving. We challenge the impossible with our high technology. We endeavour to design and produce high-quality, innovative and technologically unprecedentedsporting equipment.

We have been developing our high-performance spearfishing and freediving gear for more than two decades. Kraken sparks curiosity and delivers value.

We strive for safer diving and cleaner oceans and aim to contribute holistic benefits to society by supporting sustainable fishing practices.
We seek to promote sustainable fishing practices and help you bring some fresh food to the table. At this point, we would like to emphasise that we do not encourage spearfishing competitions. As Kraken, we believe in sustainability and taking care of our planet the best way we can.

Here at Kraken, we offer you 12 different carbon fin blades with integrated graphics. Get the freshest designs there are on the market. Choose between various distinct technical characteristics. Our fin blades are suitable for every foot pocket On top of all that, your package includes a 5-year warranty and certification of quality.

Our innovator, Max Robinik von Rottenfeld, an enthusiastic spear fisherman himself, has put his heart and soul into developing the best fins and shafts available on the market. He is our chief research and development engineer, who has collaborated with the biggest companies in the underwater world and developed for them some sensational products, such as spearguns, carbon fins and shafts. 



Join us, and let’s play deep under together!

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