Imagine yourself floating on the surface of the water and breathing when everything suddenly calms down. You are drifting away from the land world and venturing into the depths of the sea life. With just one breath, you cross the gate of this mysterious world, which offers everything and even more.

Freedivers are drawn to escaping the responsibilities and constraints of the human world. Taking a break from daily situations and simply focusing on freediving and exploring enhances and restores their inner peace. Freediving is about finding peace, pushing the limits, overcoming fear, increasing productivity and achieving new goals. Unlike other extreme sports, freediving makes you feel ‘high’  without adrenaline.

Kraken black carbon fins are designed with a passion for diving. Choose among all these sophisticated designs and explore the wonders of sea life with elegance.

In our Seven Seas camo collection, you can find the ultimate fins for your diving and spearfishing while undercover. Camo offers extreme freedom while you dive with a clear purpose. With your camo fins, you can blend between the loud and monotonous everyday life and the diverse, peaceful sea life.

You can get our carbon fin blades with different lengths, angles, and stiffnesses.

Available lengths (mm): 580, 780 or 830

We have two types of angles 25° and 29°

We use 25° for lengths 580mm, 780mm, and 29° for 830mm

We provide carbon fin blades with different stiffness for all types of needs. Choose your own stiffness for maximum efficiency.

1/5 SOFT
5/5 HARD