Spearfishing is an excellent way to combine numerous types of outdoor leisure into one. It is a practice of catching fish with a shaft – an ancient technique of providing a fresh healthy meal for your family and loved ones.

Our carbon fin blades are available in combination with different lengths, angles, and stiffness.

Available lengths (mm): 580, 780 or 830

We have two types of angles 25° and 29°

We use 25° for lengths 580mm, 780mm, and 29° for 830mm

We provide to you carbon fin blades with different stiffnesses for all types of needs. Choose your own stiffness for the maximum efficiency. 

1/5 SOFT
5/5 HARD

We can also offer you transcending shafts with excellent hydrodynamic characteristics for your favourite speargun. . With its extreme resilience, durability and modern design you can now dive into the sea life and catch yourself and your family a lovely meal.

High load-bearing shark fins are attached to the shaft mechanically, without welding.  We are thus able to  prevent the thermal weakening of the shaft material.

Different shafts available with:

Material: Sandvik / AISI630

Diameters: 6,25mm / 6,50mm / 6,75mm / 7,00mm / 7,50mm / 

Type: notches / shark fins

Barb: single / double 

Tip: tri-cut / bullet shape / M7